How to Keep Your Refurbished iPhone Updated & Running Like New: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Keep Your Refurbished iPhone Updated


As the love for iPhones continues to rise globally, many tech enthusiasts opt for a more cost-effective option—refurbished iPhones. With their popularity skyrocketing, it’s not just about having an iPhone anymore; it’s about maintaining it. So, let’s kick off our guide on how to keep your refurbished iPhone updated.

The Definition of a Refurbished iPhone

So what exactly is a refurbished iPhone? It is a pre-owned iPhone that has been returned due to defects or exchanged for a new model by the original owner. The device is then repaired, tested, and resold, usually cheaper than a brand-new model. One common misconception is that refurbished iPhones are heavily used or damaged, but this is not necessarily true. Most refurbished iPhones are in excellent condition and work just as well as new ones.

The benefits of buying a refurbished iPhone extend beyond just cost savings. For one, it’s an eco-friendly choice, as it helps reduce electronic waste. You also get to own an iPhone that performs just as well as a new one at a fraction of the price.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Before buying a refurbished iPhone, there are crucial aspects you need to consider. Firstly, check the condition and reliability of the phone. Ensure the device doesn’t have significant wear or damage. Secondly, verify if the iPhone is Apple-certified. This indicates that Apple has thoroughly tested and repaired the device.

Next, warranty coverage is important when buying a refurbished iPhone. Always ensure your refurbished iPhone has a warranty, offering protection if any issues arise after purchase. Lastly, check the battery’s health. Given that batteries deteriorate over time, it’s crucial to confirm the battery health status of your refurbished iPhone.

5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Refurbished iPhone Running Like New

Regular updates

Importance of keeping iOS up to date

Keeping your iOS updated is crucial to keep your refurbished iPhone performing optimally. These updates often come with bug fixes, feature enhancements, and security upgrades that significantly improve your device’s Performance.

How updates improve Performance and security

Each iOS update is designed to address specific issues and improve the device’s overall Performance. For instance, they may increase battery life, speed up processing times, or introduce new features that make your device more efficient. Moreover, updates often include security patches that protect your device from potential threats, ensuring your data remains secure.

Battery health management

How to monitor battery health

Battery health is another crucial aspect of iPhone maintenance. On iOS, you can check this by navigating to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This section provides insights into your battery’s capacity and peak performance capability.

Ways to preserve battery lifespan

To preserve your iPhone’s battery lifespan, adopt habits like reducing screen brightness, turning off dynamic wallpapers and motion effects, and disabling background app refresh for apps you don’t frequently use.

Storage management

The Effect of Storage on iPhone’s Performance

Full storage can significantly affect your iPhone’s Performance, causing it to slow down or crash apps. It’s, therefore, crucial to manage your iPhone’s storage to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

Tips for managing and freeing up storage space

Regularly delete unnecessary files, offload unused apps, and use cloud storage services to free up storage space on your iPhone. Also, remember to empty the “Recently Deleted” album in Photos, as the files here also take up storage.

Physical care and maintenance

Importance of using a case and screen protector

Investing in a good case and screen protector can save your iPhone from potential physical damage. These accessories absorb shocks from falls and prevent scratches, keeping your iPhone in good condition for longer.

Safe cleaning methods for iPhones

To clean your iPhone, lightly dampen a microfiber cloth with water and gently wipe the surface of your device. Avoid getting moisture into any of the openings.

Regular device restarts and occasional factory resets

How restarting benefits your iPhone

Regularly restarting your iPhone can help clear out temporary caches and stop unnecessary processes, contributing to more efficient and faster Performance.

When and how to perform a factory reset

A factory reset can be the last resort if your iPhone starts acting unusually slow or glitchy. This will wipe out all data and settings, returning your iPhone to its original state. Be sure to back up your data before performing a factory reset.

Common Problems and Their Solutions for Refurbished iPhones

Even with proper maintenance, you might face common problems like your iPhone slowing down over time, battery draining quickly, screen sensitivity issues, and overheating problems. Our guide, ‘How to Keep Your Refurbished iPhone Updated,’ provides detailed solutions to these common issues.

Additional Resources for iPhone Maintenance

There are numerous resources available to aid in iPhone maintenance. These include recommended apps like iMazing, which help with file transfers, backups, and other management tasks. Helpful websites like the Apple support site offer numerous articles and forums for troubleshooting common issues. Additionally, you can access training and learning resources for iPhone users on platforms like Lynda and Coursera.


In conclusion, keeping your refurbished iPhone running like new requires regular updates, battery health management, storage management, physical care, and regular device restarts. We hope this comprehensive guide on how to keep your refurbished iPhone updated helps you enjoy a seamless iPhone experience.

We encourage you to continue maintaining your device for long-lasting Performance. Share your experiences and any additional tips in the comments section below!

Final Thoughts

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FAQ Section

  1. What is a refurbished iPhone?
    • A refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned iPhone that has been returned due to defects or exchanged for a new model by the original owner. The device is then repaired, tested, and resold, usually cheaper than a brand-new model.
  2. How do I check the battery health of a refurbished iPhone?
    • You can check this by navigating to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This section provides insights into your battery’s capacity and peak performance capability.
  3. Why should I keep my iOS updated?
    • Keeping your iOS updated ensures your device runs on the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches. This can significantly improve your device’s Performance and keep your data secure.


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