Should You Buy AirPods Refurbished?

Should You Buy AirPods Refurbished?

AirPods Max reimagine over-ear headphones. An Apple-designed dynamic driver provides immersive high-fidelity audio. Every detail, from canopy to cushions, has been designed for an exceptional fit. Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise, while Transparency mode lets it in. And spatial audio with dynamic head tracking provides theater-like sound that surrounds you.¹

  •  Apple-designed dynamic driver provides high-fidelity audio
  • Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise, so you can immerse yourself in music
  • Transparency mode for hearing and interacting with the world around you
  • Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking provides theater-like sound that surrounds you
  • Computational audio combines custom acoustic design with the Apple H1 chip and software for breakthrough listening experiences
  • Designed with a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions for an exceptional fit
  • Magical experience with effortless setup, on-head detection, and seamless switching between devices

The technology that surrounds us all has a limited lifespan. When it finally gives up the ghost, many products spend their afterlife in landfills.

But is it possible to extend the life of earbuds like Apple’s AirPods? Refurbished options might provide a good solution. Look for a retailer with clear return and warranty policies.

Battery Life

AirPods are a convenient way to play music, take calls, and even control your device, but they also have a finite battery life. Whether you’re listening to a podcast, working out, or during the most dramatic chapter of your audiobook, it’s frustrating to have them die at a critical time.

To get the most out of your AirPods’ battery, avoid opening the case and only charging them when you intend to use them. Repetitive opening and closing of the case can reduce its battery life, as well. Additionally, keep the AirPods and their case out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Another tip is to buy refurbished AirPods from retailers that specialize in refurbs, such as Reboxed or Woot. These companies have a more consistent refurbishment process and typically offer a guarantee on their products. Additionally, reputable sellers like these usually have more reliable customer reviews. If you purchase a pair of AirPods that doesn’t work as expected, try returning them for a refund or replacement.

Noise Cancellation

Apple’s AirPod Pro (1st generation) are a set of wireless earbuds that come with active noise cancellation. This feature is a huge draw for those who travel often or work in noisy environments. Unfortunately, the battery that powers each earbud only has a lifespan of one-to-two years. That’s an incredibly short time for an expensive audio product, especially when competing with the likes of Sony’s WH-1000XM4 and Bose’s QC Earbuds.

Fortunately, you can extend the life of your AirPods Pro by buying a pair that’s been refurbished by a reliable electronics retailer. Some retailers, such as Amazon, offer a “certified refurbished” option that guarantees the product is in mint condition. You can also find refurbs from electronics outlets that specialize in reselling Apple products, such as Back Market or VIPOutlet. Just be sure to read reviews before making a purchase. The quality of a refurbished pair can vary greatly.


Released in October 2021, the third-generation AirPods are Apple’s main wireless earbuds. They feature a streamlined design, force sensor controls, Adaptive EQ, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking and a MagSafe charging case. The earbuds also offer active noise cancellation, beamforming microphones and are sweat- and water-resistant.

A single press on the earbuds’ stems plays or pauses audio, while double-presses activate Siri. A new touch control allows users to adjust the volume by squeezing or tapping their hands on the surface.

Future versions of the earbuds could add health features, including core body temperature sensing and posture monitoring. In a patent application, Apple describes a touchscreen on the case that can show information like battery life and the status of each earbud. It could also act as a visual aid when the earbuds are misplaced. The company’s Swap Club service lets users trade in their old earbuds for $60 and fresh batteries. The refurbished AirPods are resealed and sterilized before being sent to their new owners.


Apple’s true wireless earbuds are notorious for skips and stutters. Thankfully, new firmware and practice can help reduce the number of times they’re unusable, but it’s still not a good idea to buy them used.

AirPods Pro offer the best performance capabilities of any of Apple’s wireless earbuds, with Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode, comfy silicone ear tips in different sizes, Adaptive EQ to tune music’s frequencies for your ears, and more. They are also water resistant, making them great for workouts and other activities.

Check the serial number to ensure authenticity, and avoid retailers that tamper with them or don’t provide clear photos of the product. Look for a warranty, too. Some reputable refurbished electronics retailers, such as Reboxed and R2Cell, guarantee their refurbished Apple products for up to one or two years. And many credit cards add a one or two-year extended warranty on tech purchases, including headphones. Check with your card provider to learn more.

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